Saturday, 30 April 2011

Just some advice

I'm not sure what this particular situation is like around the rest of the world, but ever since i have moved to Australia i have never been able to get over how expensive all the sports gear is "down under."

As i've said before, my dad and I are both very keen on sport and we both play a lot of tennis, so every now and then we need to buy some more stuff, and we look in all the renowned Australian sports shops (Rebel Sport, Nike/Adidas/any other sports brand shops) and we are still just amazed by how expensive it all is. For example one pair of Adidas Barricade's are $199 at Rebel Sport. So my dad and I thought about it, and we did realize a way around this. 

We shopped on the internet, buying gear from shops in America (Tennis Warehouse etc). Now Tennis Warehouse charges a minimum shipping fee of $40 (US) for any item you buy, but get this, if you buy two items they only charge an extra $6 or so depending on where you live (which ads up to $46).

BUY IN BULK FROM OVERSEAS AND IT WILL SAVE YOU MONEY! (especially for you Australians)

So in the end my dad and I bought:
2 x pairs of shoes (one pair was $69 the other $105)
6 x tennis shirts (about $40 each)
30 x overgrips ($29)
1 x tracksuit  ($100)
10 x socks  ($7 each)
 and with the amount of stuff we bought, the shipping only ended up being about ($70)

And all the items were either Adidas or Nike, not some unknown piece of....... you get my idea.

you can buy 1 pair of shoes, a few shirts, 1 of this, 1 of that and so on.
So instead of buying one thing from America, buy 10, 20 ,30 ,50 things or whatever.

This might not be the same for other things, i don't know.
Hope this was useful

From the one and only

Friday, 29 April 2011


For those of you that don't know, im very keen about sport and good tennis player. i follow sport a lot and in my future posts i will post quite a lot about tennis and other sports, but lets just start with tennis.

I started tennis when i was about five years old (my dad's a tennis coach) and I have been playing it ever since. I play comp and also play pennant for Royal South Yarra Tennis Club (on a scholarship), and i have won a few tournaments here and there, but nothing too major.

I watch a lot of different sport as well, but if there is any specific advice that i am gonna give about a sport, it is definitely going to be about tennis. But mainly i'll just give my opinions on upcoming or past sport events.

Until next time,

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Sony (PS3s) Epic security fail (epic hacker win)

Now, the big issue this week, which has been all over the news is Sony's PS3 network being hacked. This massive security breach has led to customer's details being compromised. This security breach has caught Sony with their pants down, with their best attempts at calming the crowd being  a speech which was along the lines of

"we're sorry, oh yeah, and also you might want to keep an eye on your credit card bills."

Now thats just not good enough. Well, most of you probably know this already, but still, how did this even happen!! There are simply two answers, either

1) Sony's security/firewall etc on the network were not up to scratch
2) The hacker is an absolute freak who could probably hack the entire network of Finland from his                       iPhone if he wanted to.


I think we all know what the answer is, but ill leave it up to your imagination.

All i can say is, I'm glad i chose Xbox 360 over PS3 and I wish the best of luck to all you PS3 owners out there.

Good Luck!!


i knew MW2 was too good to be true :)